In our laboratory we are working with the latest top technique, Zirconium Oxide. It has been tested and certified for a long term use, since it being used in medicine over 20 years for making artificial hips. It is ideal solution for the patients with allergies or other immunodeficiency and it provides an optimal protection from cold and hot sensations in the patient’s mouth.

It's a chemical composition of a rare element- Zirconium, and Oxygen, and it is often called Zirconium Oxide. It's color is white, lets pass the light and the hardness is around 1300 MPa.

: Zirconium is rarely to be found isolated in the nature, and mostly it is a by-product of other mineral exploitation. Because of this fact it is important that its oxide -which is being used in medical purposes-, have all the certificates required by the law.
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